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In your quest for Internet Marketing Success,


Reaching the coveted top 10 Google rankings is critical. You know there are two ways to get to the top 10 — Pay lots of cash to sometimes unscrupulous online marketers, or win the “organic” search ranking battle by paying with your blood sweat and tears. This will entail dozens of SEO tactics, one of which is to write and post articles. Either way, the competition is so thick it’s like being powerless and drowning in shark infested waters.

But what if there were a Bonafide Shortcut?

A way to leapfrog over the competition and land smack dab in a

Top 10 Ranking Within A Few Days Or Even Hours?

There Certainly Is A Shortcut For Article Marketers

Let me explain…...

There is an existing but highly under-rated service which will take your motionless, silent articles and turn them into live action-filled videos, with sound, music and special effects! The best part is, you also have the option of automatically posting them to dozens of video sites. And then, as if by magic, you start appearing in the Top 10 Google rankings. You don’t even have to own a video camera or know a thing about videos.

It’s true, so read on

Because article submission sites contain daily fresh content Google spiders love them. And that makes article marketing a solid way to drive qualified traffic to your site – plus, it pushes your Google ranking up with the backlinks you develop. But here is the catch……….

Waiting For Your Google Ranking

To Go Up With Article Marketing

Is Like Watching Paint Dry

Hey, let’s face it, as good as a SEO strategy as article marketing is, it’s like watching paint dry waiting for your Google Ranking to go up — You don’t see results for days, weeks or months and also….Just forget about it happening overnight.

What will land you a Top 10 Google ranking lightning fast, is to Convert Your Articles To Video – and then Posting Them To Multiple Video Hosting Sites, Podcast Sites, Blogs And Social Bookmarking Sites!

Many of the sites your video is posted on are ranked in the Top 10 searched sites, others are in the Top 50 and most of them are in the Top 100 video sites.

So why is that so cool?

Because you’re getting back links from the highest rated video sites on the Internet and the Google search engine spiders are going to automatically view your site as more relevant or important!

Why Does This Work?

You see, as much as the search engines love content with fresh articles, they seem to be head over heels in love with video! And frankly, they don’t care if your video is produced by Stephen Spielberg or Joe Ordinary Guy – it’s the video format they are looking for.

Here are some facts behind video facts [courtesy of http://Globalwebindex.net] that is driving the Google ranking success of converting your articles to video.

Article To Video Creator

Video is hot, and because consumers are in love with it, it is the future of Internet Marketing, and has become the next wave of Online Success. The guys at Google are obviously no dummies, and they have programmed its spiders to give consumers what they want. That makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

As you know, search engines are perpetually crawling the web and looking for new content, that’s why they love article sites so much. But listen to this…

Fresh Videos Are Picked Up Every Few Minutes 

And Get Sensational Rankings.

As you can see….. We will do the time consuming work…. Whilst You Get The Results. What our Article To Video Marketing System does is give your article(s) Superhero Google Ranking Powers when we convert it to video for you

Take a look at our Samples Page, with our Proof and then check the Services Page for our full offering with Most Affordable Video Pricing.

Start dominating your niche and keyword categories with videos – we’ve done the hard work now let us make it payoff for you.

Catch the Internet Video Wave and set yourself up for mega success.

Yours in Article To Video Marketing Success

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