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Article to video conversion is one of the most under-utilized methods of getting your product or service listed on the first page of search engines. It is well know that up to a few tears ago, an article that was well optimized for the search engines, could rank quite easily. This was especially the case when targeting low to medium competition search terms, in some of the less popular niches.

Online Marketing Strategy

The online marketing scenario has however moved on rapidly since then, especially with Google penalizing sites with low value content. Most of the article publishing platforms suffered heavily with Google’s realignment via Penguin and Panda updates, and they lost both rankings and credibility. It is under these circumstances that some innovative thinking marketers saw a gap and started focusing on turning text into video.


Text into Video Options

Nowadays there are a myriad of tools available to achieve the above objective and includes;

– Text to video converters
– Article to video creators
– Article to video software
– Article to video converter software


It is accepted that anyone who does marketing for their company knows the importance of keeping their marketing efforts fresh and relevant to the target market. Video marketing is now becoming one of the most popular ways to market to your audience and is an imperative strategy to be included within any marketing plan. The challenge was always that people saw video marketing as difficult, expensive and only to be done by professionals, which is only partially true.


Professional Video Marketing

In the event that you do decide to hire a video marketing professional to create a video for your business, it is imperative to check out their current portfolio first. You need to ensure that you hire an ultimate professional who can create a series of quality videos, to address your specific marketing niche. Moreover, your video needs to be persuasive enough to convince potential customers to purchase a product in your range. Do not waste your valuable time, energy and hard-worked money on a bogus video making professional who does not have a good portfolio.

Video Marketing Success

Article To Video Converter Software

But why not go for the easier option and rather deal with an Affordable Article to Video Service Provider? In the past there were only a few Text to Video Converters and Article to Video Creators available on the market, and usually of inferior quality output with low resolution images. Technology has however advanced to a huge extent and the latest Article to video converter software has the ability to really produce stunning videos.

The increasing use of video in your online marketing strategy is indeed a great idea and steadily rising in popularity. By converting articles into video, you can keep your marketing campaigns fresh and relevant with continuous product updates that easily connects with your buyers.


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