Article To Video Conversion Service

Step 1: You pass onto us a 300-400 word article that you already have. Alternatively we can source or write a custom, persuasive article about your product, service or website, at a minimal cost.

Step 2: We use our Business Level Account at Article Video Robot to create a professional video with natural sounding voice over that is embedded in the online video making platform.

Step 3: You provide us with images to be inserted to match the content of your article, or at a minimal cost, we can use our premium account to add high definition Royalty Free photos or images. Also provide us with a background visual for an even more enhanced effect. We can include background music that is softer than the voice-over if you prefer.

Step 4: You review and approve your video. It can include author name, author picture/graphic, website URL, watermark, email and all social media links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. or any other link that you prefer.

Step 5: You download your video and you have full private rights to your video, as we do not put our name on it anywhere.


We can to upload to your Youtube channel,  a fully optimized video with low to medium difficulty keywords that will ensure rapid ranking on both Youtube and Google.



300 - 400 Word Article Conversion
300 - 400 Word Article Conversion
HD Royalty Free Graphics
Video SEO and Upload


  1. After payment, send us an email to
  2. Use your package bought as email headline e.g. “Basic Conversion Bought” or “Basic Conversion With HD Graphics Bought” or “Basic Conversion With HD Graphics and Video SEO Bought”.
  3. Your email must include your Article and Graphics where applicable.
  4. You need to state your voice-over preference which should be either Male or Female and USA or UK accent.
  5. We will acknowledge receipt within 24 hours and deliver within 48 to 72 hours, depending on what package you purchased. Please make due allowance for global time-zone differences.

Article To Video Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a 100% Guarantee on our Service Delivery and although we do not anticipate any disputes, Please Communicate With Us First before raising any disputes with our preferred Payment Processor, which is Paypal.

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